BD® Products / Ophthalmic Systems



001- NeurOptics Pupillometer

VIP Technology and Reproducibility

Point & Shoot Precision

The pupil is never at rest therefore a single, static measurement is unlikely to be an accurate assessment of the pupil’s true amplitude, or range of diameter. NeurOptics employs a dynamic measurement system, which captures 14 pupil positions per second over an approximate three second scanning period. To compensate for pupilliary unrest, the device captures up to 41 frames of data per approximate three second measurement, thus producing the minimum, maximum, and weighted average pupil size.

002- Balanced Sterile Saline Solution

Adjuvant in eye surgery for intraocular irrigation and cornea hydration.

Composition / 100ml contain: Sodium chloride 0.640g – Potassium chloride 0.075g – Calcium chloride dehydrate 0.048g – Magnesium chloride hexadyrate 0.030g – Sodium acetate trihydrate 0.390g – Sodium citrate dehydrate 0.170g – Water for injection: filler – Hydrochloric acid: filler at ph 7.2.

Nature and capacity of container:

-Polypropylene bottle with a luer-Lok™ attachment. -Type-1 glass bottle with chlorobutyl rubber cap and painted aluminum sealing “tear off” ring, various sizes. -Soft plastic bag for medical use with two tubes and pierceable vial-type cap and /or luer fitting.

003 – BD® K-4000™ Microkeratome

Speed, Safety and Predictability


o   High quality stainless blade, 25° angle.

o  Honed trifaceted cutting edge.

o  Nonmetallic blade holder, preassembled, sterile.


o  Titanium construction, ergonomically designed.

o  Dual precision motors control translation, then automatically cease oscillation and retract.

  Power unit and vacuum:

o  Independent power source for added safety.

o  Dual vacuum pumps with low vacuum option capability.
Automatic stop and rest if suction lost.

004- BD® K-3000™ Microkeratome  

Quality and Precision for All Shapes and Sizes

The BD® K-3000™ Microkeratome is engineered to deliver comfort, speed, accuracy, and control.



o Medical-grade stainless blade, 25° angle.

o Honed trifaceted cutting edge.

o Nonmetallic blade holder, preassembled, sterile.


o  Titanium construction, ergonomically designed.

o  Dual Swiss motors control translation, then automatically cease oscillation and retract.

Power unit and vacuum:

o  Independent power source for added safety.

o  Dual vacuum pumps with low vacuum option for greater control.

Automatic stop and rest if suction lost.

005- BD® MultiVisic

Viscoadaptive Solution

BD® MultiVisic Viscoadaptive is a unique ophthalmic visco surgical device (OVD) for cataract surgery and IOL implantation. MultiVisic offers surgeons the benefit of a cohesive and dispersive OVD in one solution. The higher zero-shear viscosity combined with its simultaneous short and long molecular chain enables surgeons to maximize the rheologic properties of both a cohesive and dispersive OVD during lens exchange surgeries.


o  Anterior Chamber Stability

o  Corneal Protection

o  Cohesive and Dispersive Properties

o  Foldable IOL Implantation.

Review Pseudoplasticity Curves of Viscoadaptives Compared to Common OVDs

006- BD® Visc

High Viscosity Viscoelastic Solution

BD® Visc is a sterile, nonpyrogenic, OVD prepared in highly purified, molecular weight of sodium hyaluronate, dissolved in a physiological buffer at a ph 7.0-7.5. The BD® Visc OVD solution is clear and provides excellent visibility during cataract surgery and IOL implantation.

Product Characteristics: 

o  Creates and maintains intraocular space

o  Displaces and stabilizes tissue

o  Maintains a deep, stable anterior chamber during capsulorhexis and IOL implantation

o  Provides a  clear view of the posterior capsule during phacoemulsification and IOL implantation

High cohesiveness allows for facilitated removal of BD® Visc OVD from the eye.

007- BD® Vistic™ LASEK

The convenience and innovation you’ve come to expect from BD Vistic, now for LASEK.

Features and benefits:

o  A- LASEK Dissector
Provides a uniform plane for segregating the epithelium from underlying tissue across the desired ablation area.

o  B- LASEK Cannula (Yee)
Olive tip provides gentle manipulation yet desired control, while multiple irrigation ports create an even distribution of fluid when repositioning epithelium

o  C- LASEK Edge Lifter
Tapered tip and rounded sole aids exact resection and prevents damage to underlying tissue when the edge of the epithelial flap.

o  D- LASEK Microhoe (Yee)
Angled for optimum control with contoured face for precise resection of adherent epithelium.

008- New Single Use Instruments available from BD®

Safety and precision in your hands.


o  A / 581409 / Bonn forceps

o  B / 581410 / Capsulorhexis forceps

o  C / 581411 / Tying forceps

o  D / 581412 / Buratto’s hook

o  E / 581113 / Eye speculum

o  F / 581416 / Mac Pherson forceps

o  G / 581417 / Needle holder




BD® Products / Cataract Surgery Tools




Anesthesia Administration




009- New Peribulbar Anesthesia

Indicated for injecting anesthetic agents around the globe (Periocular)

585145  Peribulbar [Atkinson]

  40 X 22 mm (27G x 7/8 in)


585027  Peribulbar [Atkinson]

  50X 22 mm (25G x 7/8 in)


585144  Peribulbar [Atkinson]

  60 X 22 mm (23G x 7/8 in)


010- Retrobulbar Anesthesia

Indicated for injecting anesthetic agents into the muscle cone.

581637  Retrobulbar [Atkinson]

  50 X 38 mm (25G x 1 1/2 in)


011- Retrobulbar / Peribulbar Anesthesia

Maybe used for retrobulbar or peribulbar administration.

585109  Retrobulbar / Peribulbar [Atkinson]

  40 X 32 mm (27G x 1 1/4 in)


585108  Retrobulbar / Peribulbar [Atkinson]

  50 X 32 mm (25G x 1 1/4 in)


585001  Retrobulbar / Peribulbar [Atkinson]

  60 X 32 mm (23G x 1 1/4 in)



Capsule polishing




012- Capsule Polisher / Olive tip Polisher [Pearce]

585095  50 X 24 mm (25G x 15/16 in)

  30 mm top port

  Olive shape tip is 3mm long X 1mm wide

  Angled 30°, 10mm from end; micro etched 3mm from end.







013- Irrigating Cystotome

Formed cystotomes are bent to conform with the convexity of the crystalline lens. This allows easier access to all areas of the anterior capsule and reduces the chance of touching corneal endothelium.

581618  40 X 16 mm (27G x 5/8 in)



Cortex Removal




014- J Shape Cannulas

585003  Micro J Shape Cannula

50 X 22 mm (25G x 7/8 in)

  25 mm open end port

  Hook 1.5mm long X 1.75mm wide

  Designed for small incision surgery



Other J Shape Cannulas items:

  J Shape Cannula [Hook]

Micro JSC [Hessburg]

Cortex Aspirator/ left [Alpern]

Cortex Aspirator/ right [Alpern]

  J Shape Cannula [Thorton]



Drapes and Fluid Collection




015- Non-Woven incise / BD Visidrape™ outpatient Surgery Drapes

581072  Overall size:  101.5 x127cm [40 x 50 in]

  Incise area:  9 x 11.5 cm [3 ½ x 4 ½ in]

  Fluid collection bag:  15.2 x 16.5 [6 x 6 ½ in] 

  Capacity:  250ml



016- Non-Woven Aperture / BD Visidrape™ outpatient Surgery Drapes

581079  Overall size:  101.5 x127cm [40 x 50 in]

  Incise area:  5 x 7.5 cm [3 x 3 in]

  Fluid collection bag:  15.2 x 16.5 [6 x 6 ½ in] 


017- Dual Refractive Drape / BD Visidrape™

Versatile refractive drape adapts to various single or bilateral configurations to accommodate individual draping preferences. Two perforations enable procedure-specific modifications. Drape leaves bottom of nose and mouth uncovered for patient comfort. Ideal for multi-practitioner facilities where draping preferences may vary.

581710  Overall size:  40 x 24.75cm [16 x 9 3/4 in]

  Aperture area:  2.5 x 3.75cm [1 x 1 ½ in]

  U.S. patent pending




Eye Protection Product




018- Eye Patches

Orthoptic eye patch has an air permeable, opaque center disk. Does not allow transmission of light rays. Conforms to the shape of the eye for better fit and comfort. Indicated for prophylaxis and treatment of children with strabismus and amblyopia

581705  ProOphta™ Eye Patch

581704  ProOphta™ Junior Patch




Fluid Administration




019- Fluid Filter

Male / female luer fittings. Place between syringe and needle or cannula. Filters out particulates and microbiological contamination of 22 micron and larger.

581030  High Fluid Filter .20 Micron




Hydrodelineation and Hydrodissection




020- Hydrodelineation Cannulas

585015  Nucleus Hydrodelineator [P.Koch]

  50 x 22mm [25G x 7/8 in]

Shortened, single bevel tip easily penetrates the nucleus for manual sculpting to improve lamellar separation prior to phacoemulsification. Flattened end provides smooth insertion under anterior capsule for hydrodelineation.


585017  Tapered Hydrodelineator [Blumenthal]

  50 x 22mm [25G x 7/8 in]

  Tip is tapered to 30mm [30G]; angled 45° , 4mm from  end tapered to allow greater flow of fluid through a smaller tip. Provides easy insertion under capsule for hydrodissection or into nucleus for hydrodelineation.

021- Hydrodissection Cannulas

585592  Nucleus Hydrodissector

  30 x 22mm [30G x 7/8 in]

  Angled 45°, 7mm from end

  Also useful for irrigating incisions during refractive procedures.

022- J Shape Hydrodissection Cannulas

585029  Micro J Shape Hydrodissector [Pearce]

  40 x 22mm [27G x 7/8 in]

  Hook 2.25mm long x 1.75mm wide

  Micro size flattened tip for easy insertion through wound and under capsule.





585102  J Shape Hydrodissector [Pearce]

  50 x 22mm [25G x 7/8 in]

  Hook 3mm long x 2.5mm wide.



IOL Manipulation




023- Intraocular Lens Manipulator

585063  IOL Manipulator [Sinskey]

  Blunt tip

  Angled 45° , 15mm from end

  Fits 20mm diameter holes and larger.



Iris Retraction




024- Small Pupil Dilator

Provides a wider view without the need for extra incisions. Will reduce the risk of damage to the sphincter and pupil margin, provides even tension to the iris creating a gentle dilation. Ample working space to facilitate removal of the cortex from the capsular bag; dilating a 5mm pupil to 7.7mm. Designed specifically for use in clear corona surgery.

585263  Perfect Pupil™ Small Dilator

  7mm internal diameter iris held through 315° x 0.24mm groove.

  1.6mm tab ensures firm grasp of iris with 4mm fenestrations.

  0.15mm polyurethane ring provides strength and flexibility.

025- Retractor / Micro Iris Hook [Engels]

585209  Engels

  8mm long x 08mm diameter

Flexible, gold wire hooks designed to retract the iris during surgical procedures.



Irrigation & Aspiration




026- J Shape I and A Cannula

581288  60mm / 50mm [23G/25G]

  25mm aspiration port on inside of J Hook 2mm long x 2mm wide.

027- Simcoe I and A Cannulas

585047  60mm / 60mm [23G/23G]

  Tubing: ID – 1mm [04 in] thinwall cannula

  30mm aspiration port.


585086  60mm / 60mm [23G/23G]

  Tubing: ID – 1mm [04 in] thinwall cannula

  40mm aspiration port




Knives and Blades




028- BD® Micro-Unitome™ Knives and BD Micro-Sharp™ Blades

Stab blades color coded for simple and accurate identification.

Wide range of sizes available to match surgeon preference.


Description  Depth  Knives  Blades  Color

15°  3.0mm  377514  377513  Blue

15°  5.0mm  377516  377515  Green

30°  3.5mm  377531  377530  Black

45°  3.0mm  377546  377545  Tan


029- BD® EdgeAhead™ MVR Knives

Tapered tip creates a fluid tight incision for self-sealing wound. Gauge size on handle for quick identification.


Description  Xstar Knive  Knives  Type 

1.1mm [19G]  _  585240  Striaght

 90mm[20G]  375560  585230  Striaght 


030- BD® MiniBlade™, Blades and Knives

The most popular blades in the industry, available in a variety of designs to meet all small incision and excision needs.


031- BD® Beaver™ Clear Cornea Double Bevel Knives

Sharpened on both anterior and posterior surfaces, the BD Beaver Double Bevel Slit Knife creates smooth, linear incision architecture, like a diamond, while providing greater control. Laser line is positioned to ensure an incision width-to-length ratio of approximately 3:2 shorter tip-to-shoulder distances reduces risk of cutting iris and lens. Blunt parallel sides prevent inadvertent widening due to globe movement.

Description  Knives

2.8mm  375728

3.2mm  375732


032- BD® EdgeAhead™ Slit Knives

Sharp tip and straight shoulders are designed to create or enlarge initial incision for insertion of phacoemulsification tips. Matte finish reduces glare from microscope light, made from flat stock.


Description  Knive

Bevel Up/40°  581109


033- BD® EdgeAhead™ Crescent Knives

Crescent knives have a rounded tip for even incisions reducing post-op astigmatism. Also useful for trabeculotomy, DCR producers, and viteoretinal scleral dissection. Matte finish reduces glare from microscope light, made from flat stock.




Nucleus Chopper




034 – Nucleus Chopper [P.Koch]

585181  Angled 45°, 6mm from tip

  Tip angled 90°, 1.5mm from end

Used as a second instrument to break up the nucleus within the capsular bag during two handed phaco techniques. Blunt, round tip facilitates easier separation of the nucleus.

Specially designed for use with the Stop and Chop technique.

035 – Nucleus Rotator [Jaffe/Bechert]

585077  Blunt, forked tip, angled 45°, 9mm from end for rotating nucleus during phacoemulsification. Also useful for dislocating the nucleus into the anterior chamber during extracapsular cataract extraction.

036 – Nucleus Spatulas

585141  Smooth, round edges allow for safe manipulation within the eye.

Spatula [Pearce]

80mm wide

  Angled 45°, 10mm from end







037 – Pediatric Eye Speculum [Wortham]

585203  Overall size: 34 x 21mm

  Retraction size: 10 x 3.5mm

  Arms are slightly offset to accommodate placement in very small eyes

038 – Eye Speculum [Kratz/Barraquer]

585094  Overall size: 40 x 26.5mm

  Retraction size: 13 x 6mm

  Open wire loops decrease the chance of interfering with instruments

039 – Eye Speculum [Barraquer]

585058  Overall size: 44 x 24.5mm

  Retraction size: 14 x 5mm



Surgical Absorbing Products




040 – Sponge and Swaps / BD® Visispear™ Eye Sponge

581089  7 cm overall length

Fast wicking action delivers quick absorption of blood and fluid from the surgical area. The flat tip provides precise application at the surgical inicison.



BD® Products / Oculoplastic Surgery Tools



Specialty Products




041 – Lacrimal Intubations DCR / with Retrieval Device

585151  Stainless steel probes 40mm x 11cm [27G x 4 ¼ in] 

  With olive shape tips

  Silicone tubing length 35cm [14 in]

Smaller diameter wire probes and olive shape tips provide easier insertion through the lacrimal sac. Retrieval device is designed to grasp olive shape tips for ease of removal from the interior meatus.

042 – Lacrimal Intubations DCR / with Retrieval Device

585126  Stainless steel probes 40mm x 11cm [27G x 4 ¼ in] 

  With olive shape tips

  Silicone tubing length 35cm [14 in]

ID – 30mm [012 in]; OD – 64mm [025 in]

Smaller diameter wire probes and olive shape tips provide easier insertion through the lacrimal sac.

043 – Lacrimal Intubations Set

585010  Stainless steel probes 60mm x 4.5cm [23G x 7 ¼ in] 

  Silicone tubing length 35cm [14 in]

  ID – 30mm [012 in]; OD – 64mm [025 in].


044 – DCR Set [O’Donoghue]

585011  Stainless steel probes 90mm x 4.5cm [20G x 1 ¼ in] 

  Solid silicone tubing length 40cm [15 in], Diameter 80mm

045 – Lacrimal Cannula

585016  1.1 x 20mm shaft attached to 60 x 12mm malleable cannula for irrigating punctum or lacrimal duct.

046 – Punctal Dilator and Probe

585124  25mm medium taper, blunt, Wilder style dilator mated with a size 0 Bowman lacrimal probe, 70mm x 45mm. Dual function instrument allows for single handed, comfortable transition from dilating to probing without release of lateral lid traction.



BD® Products / Refractive Surgery Tools




Accessories / Re-Positioners




047 – LASIK Cap/ Flap Elevator [Kritzinger/Updegraff]

585254  Designed to automatically lift corneal cap/flap during corneal lamellar surgery. The angled end is used for spatulated end is used to lift the corneal flap from the stomal bed.

  U.S.Patent 5,779,711

048 – LASIK Flap Roller [Lindstorm]

585254  14mm sleeve

  Used after realignment. Acts as squeegee to remove excess fluid from the interface, smoothes flap, and removes folds. Designed to create a tight gutter for tissue adhesion.




Accessories / Spears




049 – LASIK Expanded Spear

581709  Used for optimal tissue manipulation and controlled fluid absorption to facilitate flap alignment and adhesion. Made with polypropylene handle and highly absorbent PVA material.


  Pre-expanded for convenience; no need to pre-soak and fan


050 – LASIK Eye Spear

581714  7.11cm

 Pre-expanded for convenience; no need to pre-soak and fan



BD® Products / Vitreoretinal Surgery Tools




Vitrectomy Unit Motor Handpiece




051 – BD® Visitrec™ Vitrectomy Unit

585100  Includes:

  1 – Motor handpiece [autoclavable]

  1 – Control & battery power unit

  1 – Power cord [autoclavable]

  1 – Screwdriver for battery change

  1 – Storage case

  3 – 9 Volt batteries

  Non sterile

052 – BD® Visitrec™ Guillotine Cutter [Josephberg]

585198  For use with 585100 BD® Visitrec™ Vitrectomy Unit

  90mm [20G] guillotine cutting probe tapers to 60mm [23G] 12mm from tip; 5mm aspiration port.


  1 – Clear aspiration tubing

  1 – BD Luer-Lok™ Syringe 3ml

  1 – Stopcock

  U.S.Patent 6,059,792







053 – High Viscosity Injector 4mm Removal [Hammer]

585173  Tubing 10cm [4 in] long

054 – High Viscosity Injector 6mm [Hammer]

585228  Tubing 16cm [6 1/4 in] long

  Longer tubing designed for use with a silicone oil syringe pump.

055 – Infusion Cannulas 4mm

585119  Designed to provide more effective infusion. Ultra thin wall cannula 90mm [20g] with 45° beveled tip allows 30 percent more fluid flow than a regular wall cannula.

056– Infusion Cannulas 6mm


057– Flexible Tip Aspirator 6mm

585225  90mm [20G]

  Flexible tip extends 6mm beyond end

  Overall length with tubing 34mm [1 5/16 in].

058– Subretinal Fluid Cannula 6mm [Grizzard]

585021  90mm [20G]

  Sleeves extends 6mm beyond end

  Overall length with tubing 35mm [1 3/8 in]