Services and History Make A Deal

Services and History

KCC has established distributorships in various regions of the Syrian market since 1973. We have worked with some of the top corporations in the nation. Our goal is to be an active partner in helping client improve their operations and services on all medical product lines.

We can supply you with all market information and medical business in Syria i.e. competitors which are available in the market, prices structure, demands, and target of your product line into the Syrian market.

As you are aware, the direct cause of many companies presence's on Syrian market during previous years is created by KCC, which introduced many companies since 1973. The workflow started with trial orders, and now most of the product-lines dedicated for the health sector and hospitals have grown enormously with KCC. KCC has provided technical and financial support with all the requirements of success, to all our principles in which now they became very famous at health sector Including many important customers: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Defense, and many more private sectors and clinics as well. KCC attention to work is prompted by the belief that our client deserves a higher market share in the area. Above all, previous orders provided to the health sector would be new references for our suppliers on Syrian market. Moreover, we have managed to surprise all competitors with the quality of our business operations, particularly as promoters of your diagnostics in Syria.